About Mousehole

Described once as the ‘loveliest village in England’ by poet, Dylan Thomas, Mousehole in Cornwall is a stunning example of old world charm by the sea. Today, this gorgeous and historic village is bursting at the seams with character. Beautiful old fisherman’s cottages made from locally sourced Lamorna Granite adorn the harbour and add to the historical ambience and charm that makes this fishing village so special. It is also part of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which makes it the perfect holiday destination. Indeed, a holiday cottage in Mousehole offers the ideal opportunity for relaxation after days out exploring Mousehole and it’s gorgeous surroundings.

A view looking across Mousehole harbour and beach

Mousehole harbour and beach

Whilst it’s use of a fishing port has declined somewhat in recent years, boats still adorn the walled harbour and add to the wonderful views which gives you the sort of tranquillity that holiday makers often yearn when planning either a short, or long term getaway.


Things To Do In and Around Mousehole

Beautiful quirky shops and galleries adorn the streets here and offer something unique and in an utterly gorgeous location. The gentle atmosphere of this quiet village seems to blend so seamlessly with the sea which exhibits beautiful hues of blue as a result of the frequent Cornish sunshine.

Jessie's Dairy in Mousehole -serving hot pasties

Jessie’s Dairy in Mousehole -serving hot pasties

There are an amazing array of places to eat and naturally seafood which is locally sourced and freshly caught features heavily on most menus. With views overlooking the sea, you will find traditional English fare alongside European dishes from PUBS, Cafes and restaurants. Fish and Chips are mouth wateringly delicious and the perfect meal to eat by the harbour whilst marvelling at the views.

Thanks to it’s charm and intriguing history, there are plenty of other things for families and friends to do which naturally include visits to beaches. There is a perfect, sheltered beach on the harbour which makes it and ideal place to unwind and relax with friends and family whilst taking in the stunning surrounds. However, there are plenty of other beaches within close proximity with each being blessed with stunning views and natural beauty that is so prevalent here.

Porthcurno Beach (a short drive away).

Porthcurno Beach (a short drive away).

Lamorna Cove is a wonderful and breath taking place to visit and a coastal path from Mousehole connects you to this stunning area with some spectacular vistas along the way. It really isn’t hard to see why this picturesque part of Cornwall has been the inspiration for so many artists! You are also in close proximity to some interesting historical sights such as The Pipers at Boleigh. However, evidence of the rich historical past are dotted at every twist and turn along this gorgeous coastline and are just waiting to be discovered and explored!

Mousehole to Lamorna Coastal Path

Mousehole to Lamorna Coastal Path

If you plan on visiting Mousehole at Christmas time, the experience will be unforgettable. Indeed a Mousehole holiday cottage makes for a truly wonderful, festive stay. Mousehole is famous for the Christmas lights and the decorations that adorn the harbour and add a touch of magic to an already beautiful place which will be sure to light up the eyes of children and adults alike. Tom Bawcock’s Eve is celebrated in the village the day before Christmas eve and villagers create a spectacular sight with lanterns and the traditional – ‘Starry Gazy Pie’.

Mousehole really is a uniquely beautiful, historical and charming holiday destination which is enhanced by stunning views and the sort of old world charm which can be hard to find these days. Perfect as an all year round destination, a Mousehole holiday cottage is the perfect place to stay whilst enjoying this little slice of heaven in Britain.

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